Acoustic: Comfort, Health & Safety

"Few people have ever experienced real comfort - thermal, visual, or acoustic - but once they do, they tend to want more of it." (Hawken, Lovin & Lovins. Natural Capitalism) Occupants in a noisy space can feel irritable, distracted, anxious, hostile and annoyed, sometimes without consciously making the connection to noise.  Also, Hearing loss (from noise exposure) is one of the leading occupational hazards - and is 100% preventable. Employees that suffer from hearing loss are 55% more likely to have a workplace accident. Other health problems associated with noise exposure include headaches, tinnitus, high blood pressure, heart problems, respiratory ailments, and even negative fetal development.

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Creating peaceful environments with power equipment is hard!

We've done thousands of hours of research, design, testing and prototyping to get the best and most useful product on the market for this application.  It goes without saying though, that just because our products reduce the exposure and noise intensity of portable generators and machinery, doesn’t mean the user should have a reduced sense of responsibility or danger awareness while using inherently dangerous products such as generators.  We want everyone to be as vigilant and safe as possible while using our products.  Safety is NO accident!!  Please read and follow all the setup, safety, cautions, hazards and warnings when using a ZombieBox product or any dangerous equipment to which our enclosures are accessory appliances.

Cautions, Warnings and Hazard Information

Portable generators are designed to be connected only to selected appliances. These generators never should be connected directly to a building’s wiring system. Before starting your generator carefully read and follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure that the total electric load on your generator will not exceed the manufacturer’s rating. Always locate your generator where its exhaust will vent safely.

*Do not operate around people, pets, animals, structures, equipment or other property.

*Keep children away from this enclosure at all times.

*Do not operate indoors or where there is not sufficient ventilation of exhaust fumes and heat.

* Always have a fully charged, approved fire extinguisher located near the generator.

Electrical Hazard: Keep cords out of the way to avoid tripping hazards. Never run cords under things where heat might build up or damage to a cord may go unnoticed. Extension cords must be properly sized to carry the electric load. Overloaded cords can overheat and cause fires or damage to equipment. 

Confined Space Warning:  NEVER perform maintenance to the generator or enter the enclosure when it is fully assembled.  NEVER use as shelter of any living thing: Carbon Monoxide fumes and vapors may become trapped within walls or sound proofing materials and if inhaled can be dangerous.

Sharp Edges and Hot Surfaces Warning: Do not handle box when hot or in direct sunlight. Do not touch top of ventilation hood as this area becomes very hot during operation.  Allow enclosure to cool before handling.  Parts may have sharp edges, handle with caution.

Mechanical Parts and Spinning Blade Warning: Ventilation fan has sharp spinning blades, NEVER touch or attempt to perform maintenance when plugged in as injury may occur.

In Case of Fan Failure:  Turn off generator and remove from within the enclosure. DO NOT operate enclosure with lid off or propped open.

Fire Warning & Hazard:  With or without an enclosure, powered equipment and generators are inherently hazardous and can catch fire.  Make sure your generator or enclosed equipment is properly maintained and in good working condition.  Ensure there are no leaks of any kind and that there is no ignition source available such as electrical shorts.  In the event of a fire: DO NOT OPEN lid or door. Using the appropriate fire extinguisher spray fire suppressant into intake vents until fire is choked out.


ZombieBox Portable Sound Attenuating Enclosure - Setup Guide:

1.      Place generator on level surface (use rubber matting on hard surfaces for extra noise control) Box must not have gaps where it meets the ground.

2.      Allowing for sufficient equal space between generator and enclosure sides - Set side panel 1 into right side of back panel making a 90 degree corner of the box. Secure both panels together with latches. (Make sure all panels are oriented correct side out and upright)

3.      Place side panel 2 into left side of back panel. Secure side latch to back panel.

4.      Note: Orient generator such that exhaust faces metal surfaces on either side 1 or 2

5.      Note: Generator should not move inside box during operation – using any method available secure generator so that movement is not possible.

6.      Place front panel opposite end panel completing the 4 walls of the enclosure. Secure side latches to front panel.

7.      Set top panel onto assembled 4 panels surrounding generator. Make sure hinges on top panel and back panel are aligned. Insert hinge pins into top and back hinge pieces completing the hinge.

8.      Verify all sides are latched together, Lift lid and prop open with support rods by inserting rod ends into holes at the top of side panel 1 and 2

9.      Plug in cord for the ventilation fan on the top panel into outlet of the generator. Use supplied strap to guide vent fan cord away from generator and exhaust (especially when lid is lowered).

10.   Plug in electrical cords to generator by passing through port openings on front panel making sure cables are away from generator parts and cannot come in contact with edges or hot surfaces of equipment.

11.   Note: When generator is running, the vent fan is moving. Do not touch spinning fan blades.

12.   Start Generator and observe that the vent fan is operational and there is no contact of the generator to the sides of the box or power cords.

13.   Lower box top (Lid) and secure latches.

14.   Note: Do not operate if the vent fan becomes inoperative. If this happens the generator will not run properly and may cause damage to the generator or the enclosure. If this is observed, shut off generator and do not run inside enclosure until ventilation is working properly.  DO NOT operate generator for extended periods with lid propped open as there will be no ventilation of heat or exhaust gases from inside the enclosure.

Disclaimer Notice – Waiver of Liability:

Please use common sense and be responsible when using a product of this nature to silence your generator or equipment.  Please know that YOU are responsible for any injuries or damage to your own or someone else’s property caused from an improperly installed or operated equipment or enclosure. Our products work very well and reduce noise intensity considerably, but this doesn’t mean the user should have a reduced sense of responsibility or danger awareness while using this product.

This enclosure does not eliminate, prevent or reduce ANY hazards or dangerous situations inherent to mechanical or internal combustion equipment or electric generators. Be sure to read and understand all generator or equipment safety procedures, hazard warnings and operating guidelines of equipment manufacturer before using this enclosure.

ZombieBox is furnishing this item with a limited warranty (See below). In no respect shall ZombieBox incur any liability for any damages, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages resulting from, or any way connected to the use of the product, whether or not based upon warranty, contract, tort, or otherwise; whether or not injury was sustained by persons or property or otherwise; and whether or not loss was sustained from, or arose out of any product or services provided by ZombieBox International LLC its owners, representatives or affiliates.

With that said, we know you will love your new ZombieBox and thank you for using portable electricity responsibly! Thanks for Sharing the Quiet!