Grid Down: ZombieBox to the rescue!

An Electromagnetic Pulse is eminent. Comedians joke about it, analysts predict it, scientists have proven it, politicians admit they don’t have an actionable plan for it, and yet society turns the other way thinking it will never happen. This type of scenario and the reality of it happening is, well, it’s probably worse than most people think.  Consider this interview:

“The chance of a cyberattack on America’s power grids is high and the nation is ill-prepared to face the catastrophic consequences”, writes Ted Koppel in his recently released book, “Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath.

Koppel, the longtime anchor for “Nightline,” begins “Lights Out” by posing a hypothetical situation where such a cyberattack has occurred, leaving parts of America in a state of complete darkness with rapidly depleting resources.  Considering the vast majority of the nation would be in need of assistance if a cyberattack on any one of the nation’s three power grids were to occur, Koppel called it “disturbing” how lacking the government is in terms of readiness.  “This is something that should transcend any kind of politics,” Koppel said. “It is a function of preparing the American public for a catastrophe that will very likely happen.”

Koppel said that he first became invested in the subject of cyberattacks when then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta gave a speech in 2012 discussing how the collective result of cyberspace threats could lead to a “cyber Pearl Harbor.”  Koppel also mentioned that President Barack Obama made reference in two of his State of the Union addresses that enemies of the U.S. were already in the cyber grid.  Furthermore, Janet Napolitano, former secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, told Koppel that the danger of a successful cyber-attack was extremely high — 80 to 90 percent.  “Somehow, you have to take that seriously,” Koppel said.

His conclusion is that the likelihood of a cyberattack on the power grid is high and the government has failed in terms of preparing the nation.  “I just began with the notion that I would like to know if the government has made any preparations,” Koppel said. “My instinct was that my answer was probably not much. What I discovered is that it’s way below not much.”

When asked about his personal preparations, Koppel said that he has always owned a couple of generators but that he and his wife now have a water supply and have ordered freeze-dried foods, not only for themselves but also for their children and grandchildren.  “I really want them to be able to survive this,” Koppel said. “I think there’s a real danger that many people will not.”  

We did mention that ZombieBox makes the only universal appliance that will not only soundproof and weatherproof your generator; it will also protect it from an EMP?



Preparing for an extended power outage:


A great starting point for anyone who is going on a preparedness journey is prepping specifically for a two-week power outage.  If you can comfortably survive for two weeks without the electricity from the grid, you will be in a far better position than most of the people.

Even if you aren’t convinced that hardcore preparedness is for you, it would still be difficult to argue against the possibility of a disaster lasting for a couple of weeks.  Major natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy down to lesser storms like derecho in the Metro DC area are incontestable – storms happen and all you can do is be ready to weather them.  If you are prepared for two weeks without grid power, you are prepared for a wide range of short-term emergencies, including terrorist attacks, quarantines, income interruptions, or civil unrest.

To prepare for a two week emergency, think about what you would need if the power went out and you couldn’t leave your home for 14 days. Also, think what the critical hazards of NOT having electricity are: are you able to run essential appliances like life supporting medical devices, water pumps, lights, sanitizing and cooking food, heating and cooling systems?

So, you already know you need a generator of some kind either gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, propane or natural gas…all of which work fine inside a ZombieBox generator enclosure by the way.  The next problem you will face is how to protect your investment from 1) people, who are now desperate and dangerously irrational, and 2) from nature which can stop a generator dead if not protected from rain, snow, wind and other caustic elements.